Welcome to my life! I hope you will have a laugh at my life and find the joy of humor in your own.

I am Kathy Gail Passage. I share my days mostly with males. This blog started out as a journal to save my sanity. Living with male energy can be a challenge for women. I happened to be in a family where I was the ONLY female! Even the pets were of the male gender, until the very recent addition of a female puppy! My sister, daughters in law, granddaughter and other women in the family are far, far away.

I love all of the men in my life!  My husband of over  25 years, my three sons, my brother, nephews, our pets, are precious.  I would not change a single trait. Well, maybe just a few minor adjustments. I would not have started writing in the first place, if all of them were perfectly well behaved. PMS (Putting up with Male Stuff) will give voice to some of the crazy, zany situations that many women “put up with” when interacting with male energy. I am truly grateful that my guys have all been willing to put up with me too.

I share some of the episodes I have personally experienced and hope that readers will feel free to share back your stories and photos with me!

Elk Hound Puppies’ antics provide lots of inspiration. I see Puppy Posts as fuel for short stories.

My middle son is an amazing musician and entertainer. He is Autistic and Visually Impaired. I look for the humor in daily life situations with him. Happenings that could be stressful can also provide joy and laughter, depending on one’s perspective. If I can laugh at a crazy situation, I can cope. Sharing stories with others may find silver linings for them. My  belief is that we are all “living on the spectrum… somewhere” just not have been diagnosed yet.

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