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Confessions of a Coupon Clipper

October marks my favorite time of year. Yes, I love the color of fall leaves. I am lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest where scene takes on definite autumn hue. Halloween is a great holiday, especially in my small Edmonds community. The whole downtown participates with events like scarecrow contests and merchants provide treats in a safe environment for families to enjoy.  Our local health club even gets into the act. Women of all ages are engaged in a “flash mob” athletic dance routine, performed to “Thriller”, replete with all of the famed Michael Jackson moves.

My favorite October event, for the last thirteen years anyway, is the release of the latest edition of the Chinook Book.

I love a bargain.  Ever since my first experience of Earth Day, my senior year of high school turned me into a supporter of the movement to clean up our planet.  I shop my local farmer’s market, recycle, drive a Prius or ride public transportation and love  programs to support the local economy and it’s ecology.

Friends and family know I am an avid supporter of Chinook Book. Most know they are likely to receive one, for a birthday or holiday gift. I’ve presented them to young couples as a very practical wedding gift , guaranteed to sustain them as they start their lives.

I’ve even organized coupon swaps at my office.  In past years I encouraged those who live south of Seattle proper to exchange the bargains for places they’d not likely travel, with the workers in their local area and vise versa.

I offered a restaurant challenge to my husband one year. How many new restaurants could we discover and dine, at a discount, courtesy of the coupons from Chinook? The results were delicious. Unexpected eateries, in quaint neighborhoods off the usual trail we take, but well worth the detour.

Over the years the Chinook Book has continued to improve both in the product values offered and content. Maps of neighborhoods are tremendous aids when I venture beyond my local area to try out a new store or culinary experience.

I am extremely excited to read about expansion into markets beyond the Pacific Northwest. The Chinook Book app helps one locate “local businesses” where ever I roam.

This year I took up a different challenge, for myself. My quest for the 2015 Chinook Book season is to use as many coupons as possible… AND blog about the experiences I have as I redeem them.

Obviously I cannot utilize all 648 coupons in the book, so this is where I hope to draw from my readers who also enjoy the Chinook Book opportunities!

Please share your experiences of redemption, as gifts for all readers.

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